Day 1 – Jonesport


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Day 1 – Schoodic Institute, Winter Harbor to Jonesport – September 11



BikeMaine 2016 begins the week with a breathtakingly beautiful ride along the rocky coast of Maine and an optional 8-mile side trip to the picturesque village of Corea. We then settle in for some inland miles through Gouldsboro and Steuben, to Milbridge (only for a peek; we’ll be back here later in the week) and Harrison. We then head Down East to Jonesport and our spectacular oceanfront campsite on Kelley Point, a perfect venue for the annual BikeMaine lobster bake.

Mileage: 62.3 miles (54 miles without side trip to Corea)
Elevation Gain: 3,067 feet



Seal_of_Jonesport,_MaineJonesport, incorporated as a part of a township in 1809, grew into a booming town in the early 1900s with several sardine canning factories, a busy port, a thriving business district and numerous amenities.  In 1905, the town of Jonesport was divided into ten school districts, with 16 lower grade schools and one high school. When the sardine fishing in the area began to decline, lobster fishing took its place, but eventually, much of Jonesport’s commercial fishing industries moved to other ports.

Currently, Jonesport is in the process of reinventing itself. Commercial fishing for lobsters, clams, quahogs, urchins and periwinkles, and other ocean-related businesses dominate Jonesport’s economy and continue to be a vital part of the town’s identity. Other avenues of diversification are being examined as Jonesport opens itself to the possibilities offered through global marketing. With so much to offer, and yet such a strong identity to protect, Jonesport is guaranteed to continue being a unique and bountiful place along Maine’s Bold Coast.

The BikeMaine Village is on Kelley Point, named after Thomas Kelley, who settled the point in 1773, and the perfect site for our annual lobster bake. This beautiful ocean front property is now owned by Dawn and Ed Degenhardt, founders of Degenhardt Foundation. The Degenhardts, along with their nine children adopted from around the world, use the Foundation to improve life for children and families worldwide through the non-profit organization “Aid for Kids.” Domestically, the Aid for Kids’ “Other Maine” project provides clothing, school supplies, books, back packs, and other needed merchandise to the rural poor living in Aroostook and Washington Counties. Each Labor Day, Aid for Kids invites families from northern Maine to camp on their spectacular Kelley Point property.



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