2018 Day 6 Fort Kent to St. Agatha

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Day 6 – Fort Kent to Lakeview Camping Resort/St. Agatha – September 14

“Camping in style”

Fort Kent to Lakeview Campground

Upon leaving Fort Kent, the route heads back east to Frenchville, a bit south to Long Lake, and farther east to explore the small but Acadian culture-rich communities of Fournier and Grand Isle. We then take a southwest tack, passing through Lavertue, on our way to Morin Farms, which is on the eastern shore of Long Lake. Pedalling north along Long Lake, we make our way around the northern end of the lake and head to our final 2018 BikeMaine Village, Lakeview Camping Resort, which is located high on a bluff overlooking the magnificent Long Lake in St. Agatha (pronounced Saint Ah-gaht).   

Lakeview Camping Resort:

“The Two Door Garage”

A dream became reality in 1983 on top of a hill in St. Agatha, Maine, when second-generation farmer Richard “Dick” Derosier and his wife, Carol, transformed their house garage into the Lakeview Diner. It consisted of 10 booths with a seating capacity of 35 people, an arcade, a staff of 10 employees, and gorgeous panoramic views of Long Lake.  

Throughout the early years, the diner was expanded to what’s now known as the Lakeview Restaurant, which seats 275 people, has a staff of 50 employees, a lounge, and a banquet room. The business has always been a strong financial supporter and coordinator of local events and festivities. The restaurant will regularly host office parties, club meetings, class reunions, weddings, Christmas parties, and summer concerts.  

In 1995, a 75-site campground was established on the grounds, which accommodates luxury RVs, campers, and tents. People from all over the United States come to enjoy the majestic campsites of the Lakeview Campground.  

Today, Jennifer, Dick and Carol’s youngest daughter, and her husband, Jason Daigle, are the proud owners/managers of the establishment. Following in her parents’ footsteps, Jennifer and Jason are dedicated to raising their family while operating their business through hard work, commitment, and the determination of individuals. The entire family welcomes BikeMaine riders to Lakeview!

St. Agatha:

The Town of St. Agatha, Maine is a small rural community located in northern Aroostook County. St. Agatha has a year round resident population of approximately 750, with seasonal increases in both summer and winter. The town is home to Long Lake, a 6,000 acre and 12-mile long body of water that attracts many tourists and part-time residents each year.

The first settler to build at the head of Long Lake was Menon Ouellette, who came from Canada and built a lumber camp on the Reginald Tardiff Farm in 1847. After cutting was completed in the spring of 1848, he decided to stay and clear land for a farm. The soil was so rich that by 1865 over thirty families had settled at the head of the lake. Since the settlement was not formally called a town, it was named “Lac A Menon.” A number of years passed before a road was opened to the neighboring settlement of Dickeyville. In 1871, Dickeyville was formally organized into the town of Frenchville and “Lac A Menon” was included as part of Frenchville. Most of the early settlers of “Lac A Menon” came from Madawaska. In the fall of 1889, a parish was formed at “Lac A Menon” and its first Pastor was Reverend Ernest Estenaud. St Agatha was incorporated on March 17, 1899, as the 466th town in the State of Maine. The town bears the name of the parish which had been established ten years earlier. The religious influence, which the community represents, was given the name — Town of St. Agatha — after the Sicilian Saint of the third century.


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