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BOOTHBAY HARBOR, MaineĀ (NEWS CENTER) — After four straight days of riding, some would expect the energy level of BikeMaine participants to be a little low. However, the morale is through the roof because of the gorgeous weather and the fact that Thursday is a day off. The last 10 miles on Wednesday were punctuated with plenty of short, but steep climbs.

“I thought there were no hills in Maine,” said Leisure McCorkle.

McCorkle is not only learning about the Pinetree state from the ride, but he’s also becoming immersed in the culture of cycling. McCorkle is an anthropology professor at the University of North Carolina Charlotte and he’s traveling the country for the next year to learn more about biking and the people who love it. He has met bikers from Japan to Australia and he said what makes the biking culture unique is that it’s always on the move.

“It’s different because it moves with time and space. There’s interaction between people, and together it’s interesting to see what comes out of it,” said McCorkle.

McCorkle and his custom bike have been exploring the back roads and small towns along the BikeMaine route.

“We’re coming through these towns with the 300 plus riders and support staff and sharing this experience with the people in these towns,” he said.

He’s already learned a lot so far, but he plans to travel many more miles before his cycling saga is complete.


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