BikeMaine helps provide a boost to local businesses (WCSH6)

September 14, 2016 News Comments Off on BikeMaine helps provide a boost to local businesses (WCSH6)

EASTPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) —  Cyclists from all over the world are in Maine this week for Bike Maine. Wednesday, they’re in Eastport for a day of rest.

And for businesses along the way, it can be a big boost to their bottom line. Lots of bicyclists can mean lots of business.

Wednesday, all those cyclists have a day of rest after arriving in Eastport on Tuesday.

Throughout the week they’ve visited all types of local spots.. From farm stands and restaurants to art galleries. 400 cyclists from 47 states or countries are riding an average of 55 miles per day, providing a boost to businesses along the way.

And just a few days ago the city of Eastport also welcomed about 8,000 to 10,000 people for the annual pirate festival, which brought in its own influx of tourists. Michael Morse owns a local art gallery in Eastport.

He believes that right now the city is doing pretty well. But he does say the more people they can attract to Eastport, the better.

“Just to get somebody new here somebody that never may have been in Eastport before, to come and see what kind of a great place that we have here its gorgeous its pretty, and we just feel that the tourist industry could help us a lot more and we have been seeing a lot more of it” said Michael Morse a local business owner in Eastport.

“Anytime anyone comes into Eastport it effects a whole lot of businesses and 400 people that’s a great opportunity there you know more outdoors enthusiasts so we hope with this great weather that they’re out and about” said Chris Brown, a local business owner in Eastport.

Thursday, those cyclists are packing up and heading to Lubec.

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