BikeMaine visits Campobello, FDR’s 34-room “cottage” (WCSH6)

September 14, 2016 News Comments Off on BikeMaine visits Campobello, FDR’s 34-room “cottage” (WCSH6)

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Campobello, N. B. (NEWS CENTER)Campobello Island was the summer home of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.  The 34-room cottage is the centerpiece of Roosevelt International Park.

The Roosevelts were an outdoor family and the house did not have many modern conveniences such as a telephone here.  Rather, they sailed, hiked, biked and played tennis during long, leisurely summers.

Historians think that Roosevelt’s philosophy about life, the environment and the less fortunate were shaped at Campobello.

Here he was stricken with infantile paralysis in 1921 and never walked unassisted again.  He made just three return visits to Campobello. All while President.



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