Day 2 of BikeMaine: OOB to Bridgton (WCSH6)

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(NEWS CENTER) — Day two of BikeMaine began Monday morning at Old Orchard Beach and by the end of the ride, bikers had made their way to Bridgton.

The trip totaled about 54 miles, which means riders have completed about 120 miles in the 350 miles ride.

For riders, it’s hard enough biking as far as they do each day, so the folks at BikeMaine make things a little easier for them by packing up their chairs, luggage and tents for them.

The people who do that are all volunteers, some of them are students at Westbrook High School. Their teacher, Shannon Belt, brings them along for the event.

Belt says the students that volunteer are all “at risk,” so BikeMaine is a great experience for them.

“It be easy to get some funding and be in a hotel, and make it very plush, but that’s not where you learn,” Shannon Belt said. “The best part of these sort of experiences is trying to figure out where kids breaking point is, and try not, not break them, but to try to get them to grow and become better people.”

The volunteers get to have some fun too. Yesterday, they went paddle boarding in Old Orchard Beach and they might even do some hiking and tubing over the next few days as well.


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