Meet BikeMaine’s youngest riders (Video – WCSH6)

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(NEWS CENTER) — On Day 3 of BikeMaine, the cyclists rode about 45 miles from Bridgton to Bethel.

The Powell family is getting a lot of attention on the ride. It’s not hard to spot George Powell among the rest of the BikeMaine riders. At 10 years old, he’s the youngest cyclist to ever participate in the ride, but not by much. His twin brother Noah is about 28 minutes older than him.

“My legs are good,” Noah said, about 120 miles into the ride. “They’re not hurting yet.”

Noah and George are kind of a big deal at camp. By now, they’ve gotten used to the other riders coming up to them, asking which twin they are and calling them celebrities. Their older sister Annie, who’s only 14, is adjusting to the newfound fame too. “It’s just kind of cool to have tons of people know who you are, but it’s also a little bit weird,” she said. The three of them are doing the ride with their parents, who home school them in Georgia.

“When the school buses pass, it’s like, ‘Hi I’m here. You have to be on the bus,'” Annie joked. The Powell family has been training together since April, biking a thousand miles to get ready for this ride. “We didn’t bring any books,” their mom, Lori, said. “There’s no time for that this week.”

Instead, the kids are getting the chance to explore a new place, and they’re learning the importance of hard work and determination. “How to deal mentally with something difficult, and when you get tired, maybe you get bored, we keep pressing on,” the kids’ dad Robert said. With every mile they ride and every hill they climb, they’re also learning the value of family.

The Powells are looking forward to Wednesday, a rest day in Bethel with optional riding.

On Thursday, Day 5 of BikeMaine, the riders are making their way from Bethel to Camp Tapawingo in Sweden.


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