Meet Our Volunteers: Pam Fischer & Scott Spaulding



Pam Fischer & Scott Spaulding live in New Gloucester, Maine and have been active with the Bicycle Coalition for many years and have been volunteering with BikeMaine since the beginning. Pam serves as the Vice President of the Board of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.

Why did you decide to volunteer with BikeMaine? 

As bicycle travelers who have benefitted from the kindness of strangers many times over, we saw an opportunity with BikeMaine to give back and share the joy of a bicycling journey in our beautiful home state. It took us a nanosecond to decide to sign up as volunteers for the inaugural BikeMaine event in 2013. We have returned each year and have penciled it into our calendars for the rest of our lives.

What volunteer jobs have you done for BikeMaine?

We team up for village support, where our routine is transporting, setting up, and dismantling the infrastructure for each night’s camp site. Scott drives a gear transport truck and I lead the Green Team efforts for recycling and waste management. We love the buzz of putting together a new village each day and making it all look seamless.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering for BikeMaine?

It’s unbelievably fun, of course! The BikeMaine volunteer culture has blossomed with many folks returning year after year. We look forward to reuniting with the friends we made in the past, as well as bringing new volunteers into the fold. BikeMaine volunteers bond quickly and become a busy, crazy family all wrapped up in the shared vibe of a cycling adventure. What’s not to love about that?

What advice would you give someone thinking about volunteering for BikeMaine 2016?

A BikeMaine volunteer experience is the most fun you are likely to have paying it forward. You will get to visit unique and scenic parts of Maine, eat fabulous local food, and enjoy a camping trip with really cool people from all over. You will meet people from the host communities who are so excited to see hundreds of cyclists coming to their town. There is gratitude everywhere and you will know you have been part of something great. Don’t be intimidated; just dive in and give it a shot. Scott and I promise to look out for you!

Sign up to be part of the BikeMaine volunteer team with Pam & Scott and maybe you too will pencil it into your calendar for the rest of your life! Questions about volunteering?


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