Packing, Parking, Paperwork, and Postcard – oh my!

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There’s a lot to get in order before BikeMaine, but we’ve made a packing list to help you. Now’s the time to start building the packing pile in the corner of your living room! Remember, the combined weight of your transported luggage must not exceed 60 pounds, and no one bag may exceed 45 pounds. Please take the time to weigh your bag(s) and pack accordingly. This weight limit includes your tent (unless you have registered for Tent & Porter) and sleeping bag. We don’t want to break the backs of our generous volunteers!

Parking will be available for the week for a nominal fee of $15, with proceeds going to support the Westbrook Community Center children’s scholarship program to ensure that no child is kept from the Center’s programs due to financial barriers. You can make arrangements for parking when you check in September 6th in Westbrook. You will be asked to sign a Parking Waiver.  After you check in and unload your luggage and bike, please move your car to the IDEXX Laboratories parking lot located approximately 1.5 miles from the BikeMaine Village. A shuttle will be operating from 1:00-5:30 p.m. to transport you back to the Village area. BikeMaine will finish on September 13th on IDEXX grounds.

The Rider Handbook contains a few forms that you’ll need to have completed and signed when you check-in: a Medical Form and a Waiver and Release of Liability. Best to get it done now and put the completed forms in a place where you won’t forget them. We will have printed forms available at check in, but if you want to save time in Westbrook, you can print off the forms and fill them out before you arrive, leaving you more time to settle in and begin enjoying BikeMaine!

And don’t forget to pack a postcard from your hometown or state to give to the students at Belgrade Central School!


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