Paperwork, Packing, Postcards, and Passes

August 21, 2013 News No Comments

Just a few reminders as you revisit your packing list and begin gathering gear in a corner of the family room. The Rider Handbook contains a few forms that you’ll need to have completed and signed when you check-in. Best to get it done now and put the completed forms in a place where you won’t forget them.

Remember, just 60 poundss of gear — no more than two bags and no more than 60 pounds combined weight. Once packed, set your bags on a scale to see what they weighs. It will be a lot easier doing this at home than trying to figure out what to leave behind in Orono.

Also, please pack a postcard for the kids at Cave Hill School. On Day 7 of the ride you’ll be hosted for lunch at Cave Hill School in Eastbrook, Maine — population 425. This Kindergarten through 8th grade school has a total of 77 students. They know you’re coming … and they would like to know where you are coming from. A large map of North America will be on display in the school awaiting your postcard, which will be connected by string to a pushpin identifying your home town. With current registration boasting 37 states and provinces, this will be an exciting and expansive geography experience for these students, It’s a big world to small kids … you can help make it more manageable, meaningful, and real by putting a picture on a place.

If you have a pass to Acadia National Park (or all National Parks), we’d appreciate your bringing it along. Every pass brought by a rider allows one more volunteer access to the park during the rest day in Bar Harbor. Thank you!


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