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BELGRADE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The conditions during the long 63 miles from Winthrop to Gardiner Tuesday during BikeMaine were perfect. What made the ride even more special was the heroes welcome at the Belgrade Central School.

“I can’t believe it – we have a welcoming committee in every town,” said first time rider Bryan McNamara.

The students greeted the cyclists full of curiosity. They asked questions, looked at the bikes, and took a few rides. It was far from a normal recess.

“We usually play on the playground and eat snacks, but we are asking the bikers questions,” said one fourth grade student.

Teachers used the opportunity to practice map and math skills. They calculated mileage and look at how far the bikers had traveled.

The students were not only surprised how far the cyclists were going each day, but at how old some of them are. The average age is 57 and some of the riders are in their 80s.

For riders it was just another memorable stop along a journey.

“It is amazing – the scenery and the students,” said McNamara.

There’s more amazing scenery and more welcoming committees down the road.



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