Thank You To Our Sponsors & Volunteers

August 21, 2013 News No Comments

Just about every activity and service you experience during BikeMaine 2013 comes from the courage of first year sponsors and generosity of volunteers.

Many sponsors will spend more on BikeMaine this year than they will make in return, which is why first year sponsorship is so crucial and challenging. “Thank yous” from riders throughout the BikeMaine 2013 ride will go a long way toward validating their decision to get involved and encouraging their return in 2014. We have a wonderful array of sponsors from local shops to international retailers, and each is making an important contribution. Thank them if you see them, and if you aren’t sure whether they’re a sponsor, just ask.

Volunteers, some of whom have been meeting, planning, and laboring over details for more than 18 months, get compensated entirely through the currencies of self-satisfaction and rider appreciation. You’ll know who the volunteers are by their BikeMaine badges. We’d like our volunteers back next year as well, and you can help with a few words of thanks and gratitude.

During the week, you may find yourself meeting, riding with, or dining with a BikeMaine Ride Angel. Their designation says it all. In addition to the registration fee, these folks made a substantial financial contribution to BikeMaine. Let them know you appreciate their generosity and support.

It is through the combined contributions of sponsors, partners, volunteers, Ride Angels, and inaugural riders like you that BikeMaine is possible. Thank you, all!


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