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Posted: September 17, 2014
Written by: Mike McDermott – contributor –
I decided to switch things up for the last day of BikeMaine. My son had offered me the use of his bike for the ride – a much lighter, skinny-tired roadbike compared to my own bike. I’d decided that I wanted the stability and carrying capacity of my bike for the ride itself, but for this last day, I didn’t need to carry anything so why not give his bike a try. The only problem was that his bike has the clip-in pedals with the special shoes, and the fancy combined brake lever / gear shifters. Since the first ten miles of the ride would be my exact bike commute to work, I figured I could use that time to get used to the new technology.

The morning seemed much chillier than previous mornings (or maybe it was just more of a shock coming out of my house instead of spending the night in a tent). So I went over to breakfast with a fleece pullover. We ate at the American Legion hall just a block from my house, and then the ride went right past the end of my street. As we left breakfast I gave my wife a call so she could meet me at the corner to take my fleece and a commemorative photo, and we were off on the Day 7 ride.

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