How much money should I expect to spend?

February 1, 2016 Comments Off on How much money should I expect to spend?

While there are not many times you will need to spend money along the way, there are plenty of opportunities when you may want to spend money. You will need to purchase the first 3 meals when we are in the layover community, where there are a variety of restaurants and markets to satisfy a range of tastes and budgets. As for wants, consider the following extras: pre-breakfast coffee and end of the day beer, wine, or other treats; massages; BikeMaine merchandise and other retail purchases; equipment repair; cell phone charging; local attractions; and for those who seek assistance in carrying luggage from the truck to the tent site, contributions to the local service organization that helps you (a $2 tip per bag is recommended).

ATMs are available in most host communities, but not necessarily near the Village sites. Stopping at an ATM along the route if needed or carrying cash is a good idea.


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